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Meet Alysha

Alysha is a Toronto native born and raised in Lawrence Park. Throughout her life, Alysha has lived in several neighbourhoods around the city allowing her the opportunity to learn and fall in love with the wide variety of architecture, culture, and diversity Toronto has to offer! “I have never looked at a client as a number or a transaction, for me this is about helping guide and educate people through one of the largest decisions in their lifetime - I believe that’s what sets me apart in this fast-paced real estate scene. I’ve built a repeat and referral-only business, and I value the lasting connections I’ve made with all of my clients… Many have become lifelong friends.”
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Giving Back

Mental health and addiction is a cause very near and dear to our hearts. We FIRMLY believe in giving back to our community and helping raise awareness for programs such as CAMH Gifts of Light.

Gifts of Light understands the importance of providing patients with beneficial and accessible programs and experiences. They are committed to partnering with community organizations to bring specialty programming and events directly to their patients. Programs include: art and music workshops, adventure excursions, fitness classes, trauma-informed yoga, monthly events and more.

Basic necessities, like a toothbrush and a pair of socks, mean everything to patients who arrive with nothing. Some patients stay for just a few days, while others stay for much longer - no matter how long they’re there, it can be a challenging time for people in crisis and helping to provide creature comforts as simple as these can be that extra bit of comfort that a person in crisis needs.



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Alysha would be pleased to offer you personalized support and guide you through the buying or selling process. Whether marketing your property in a professional and effective way or helping you find your new home, she will put her expertise to work and listen to your needs. Contact her today to discuss all your real estate needs!